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Services for Developers

Developers benefit from PSM’s experience in controlling construction costs. Our knowledge of current structural systems, proactive approach to involving subcontractors and other team members, and, providing complete Construction Documents all control project cost.

PSM uses Building Information Modeling for new construction. For developers, BIM is another effective way to control project cost.
We have experience in design/build construction, working with either the developer’s own construction arm, or a separate design/build contractor.

New Buildings
PSM’s recent projects for private developers include multifamily housing, mixed-use developments, medical office buildings, and storage facilities.

Existing Facilities
PSM provides a variety of services when an investment project requires the analysis and rehabilitation of existing facilities. We have provided seismic remediation work for over 30 years, beginning with early work for the Seattle School District. Public seismic work for PSM includes SAAM, Sandpoint buildings and KIRO; private buildings include the Alaska Building and Seattle Lighting Fixture (downtown store) after the Nisqually Earthquake (2001).

We are frequently involved in the rehabilitation of other facilities that have deteriorated due to environmental exposure, including food storage facilities and waterfront structures.