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Services for Contractors

One of PSM’s largest areas of expertise is providing structural design for design/build teams, usually contractor-led. Because of our experience on these teams, we can rapidly focus in on critical design issues, and, come up with solutions for evaluation by the team. During construction, we understand and respond to the need for quick answers and solutions to field issues. We are able to redesign rapidly if unforeseen field conditions require an alternate approach or solution.

We work closely with contractors in the design of temporary structures, including excavation shoring, crane support, and analysis and design for temporary support of permanent structures.

PSM also uses Building Information Modeling for our projects. BIM aids the contractor by helping in the estimating, detailing, and field construction process. We can build a model for the contractor’s use if no model is used during design,

New Buildings
PSM is active in both the public and private sector. Our private sector work includes medical facilities, office buildings, churches and design of industrial facilities, especially for the food processing and distribution industries. We have participated in design/build teams on all of these project types. Our public sector work includes K-12 Education, Colleges and Universities, and other Institutional work.  Since 1924, throughout our firm’s history, we have been active in public sector work.

Existing Facilities
For contractors, existing buildings can present significant challenges. Unknown conditions and deteriorated structure may exist or the need for temporary support of existing conditions. PSM has experience providing creative engineering solutions as needed in the rehabilitation of existing structures.

PSM provides a variety of services for the analysis and rehabilitation of existing facilities. We have been active in seismic remediation work for over 30 years, beginning with early work for the Seattle School District.

We are also frequently involved in the rehabilitation of other facilities that have deteriorated because of environmental exposure, including food storage facilities and waterfront structures.